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~Personal Care Provider~

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Miscia Bliss® Certificates

Miscia Leah Starlight Bliss®.Com Miscia Bliss® Certificates

$1,000.00 Mishia Leah Starlight Bliss Sex Services Credit Certificate®

Item # $1000MisciaBlissSexCreditsCert©

$1,000.00 - Certificate

$67.50 - Tax

$77.95 - Shipping/Processing

$1,145.45 - Total

$100.00 Miscia Leah Starlight Bliss® Personal Care Voucher©


$100.00 USD

$6.75 Tax

$29.95 Shipping

$136.70 Total

$1,000 Miscia Leah Starlight Bliss Personal Service Certificate-L®

Item No. $1000MisciaBliss®ServeCertPersonalPlus

$1,000.00 - Certificate

$67.50 - Tax

$77.95 - Shipping/Processing

$1,145.45 - Total

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$9.99 Per Month Membership Sequestrator® Operating System Club Subscription

Item # Sequestrator® O/S @ $9.99 Per Month©

Beginning September 25th, 2016 our Club Membership Dues Price is $9.99 Per Month for the entire time the account is active.

Our new Sequestrator® Operating System is now operating on the URANTIANET® so, it necessary to charge $9.99 Per Month Membership to allow the Profit Sharing Program to produce a more fruitful environment that we can all live by.

The SEQUESTRATOR® Operating System is a new development which will separate us children of God from the corrupt & criminal governments of the world. $9.99 per month that we are now beginning to collect from each potential member is an account opener as well as initial funding for our new profit sharing enterprise.

What is this all about?

Majestone Enterprises® is the active owner and operator of the Universal Police Force® & UniversalPoliceForce.Com® law enforcement agencies sourced from our Universal Father & Paradise.

*Background Checks Must Be Conducted For Genuine & Authentic Verified Club Membership in order to be Qualified for Financial Benefits.

*All Club Members Must Maintain Spirit-Born Status through Joshua Ben Joseph (Jesus Christ) Verifiable via The Universal Father on Paradise.

*All Governments (and affiliates) must pay a $21 Billion USD Non-Refundable Security Deposit to view our member’s content, whether personal, private or commercial, etc.

*No Government, Organization, Agency, Institution or Business, etc., is allowed to pass a law or policy that allows them to view content of our active members.

*A $1 Trillion $USD ($1,000,000,000,000) Fine will be collected for Trespassing, Theft, Invasion of Privacy, Treason, Vandalism and an act of war upon our true members.

Miscia Leah Starlight Bliss®  ~Personal Care Provider~

File and Entity Number 10547199® - MUSM® IPO Share Price $69,869.00

Ready To Service Sexy Club Members For Current Popular Angles & Positions.

UT. $69.69 + (6.2% Tax) $4.32 = $74.01 & NV. $69.69 + (7.1% Tax) $4.95 = $74.64 *Subject To Screening

*Inquire in Person. *Health & Social Screening Checks Will Be Conducted. (No Cheaters!!)

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